Jackson County, Michigan

Don't Let Wild Critters

Take Over Your Home

Reclaim Your Domain with Animal Removal Services

Got squirrels in the attic? Raccoons in the shed? Coyotes in your yard? Trapper Man's Trapping & Nuisance Control LLC 

handles wild animal trapping and removal in the following Michigan counties: 

Clinton, Eaton, Ingham, Jackson, Livingston, and Shiawassee. 

Call us to have a trained professional kick those critters out - in a humane way.

Expert Animal Trapping & Bee Removal Services

From raccoons and squirrels to bats and birds, these services safely remove unwanted animals, preventing damage and ensuring the safety of your property and family.

Honey bee removal services safely relocate bees from unwanted locations, such as homes, businesses, or trees, without harming the bees.

Emergency animal trapping services provide immediate assistance in safely capturing and removing nuisance wildlife from your property.

Wildlife management helps keep your livestock safe from wildlife threats.

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Trapper Man's Trapping & Nuisance Control 

is your expert solution for humane 

animal removal.

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Unwanted wildlife can create various issues around your home. For assistance in removing these nuisance animals, turn to Trapper Man's Trapping & Nuisance Control, LLC. We provide pest control services in Clinton, Eaton, Ingham, Ionia, Jackson, Livingston, and Shiawassee Counties. Our services include humane animal removal, trapping, honey bee removal, emergency animal trapping, and exclusion services to keep wildlife away from your livestock. You don't even need to be present—we'll come to your property, handle the pests, and be gone before you know it.