Honeybee Removal

Relocate Bothersome Bees

Professional Honeybee Removal Services

When you hire us for bee removal, we won't exterminate the bees: we'll relocate them to a new hive. 

If you're interested in beekeeping, ask our team about beekeeper starter kits available for sale.

Your Uninvited Bees Play
an Important Role in Nature

Bees and their pollinator lifestyle are a vital part of the global ecosystem. When you choose bee removal over extermination, you're supporting the creation of...

  • Honey, which is a key ingredient in recipes around the world

  • Fruits, vegetables, nuts and a range of other crops

  • Cosmetics, including lotions, lip balm and more

If you have bees causing problems on your property, getting them relocated is the best option. Schedule honey bee removal by calling 

us at 517-285-4596.

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