Animal Removal

Don't Let Wild Critters

Take Over Your Home

Reclaim Your Domain with Animal Removal Services

Got squirrels in the attic? Raccoons in the shed? Coyotes in your yard? Trapper Man's Trapping & Nuisance Control LLC handles wild animal trapping and removal in the following Michigan counties: Clinton, Eaton, Ingham, Jackson, Livingston, and Shiawassee. 

 Call us to have a trained professional kick those critters out - in a humane way.

Evicting Animals From Your Property Entails A Four-Step Process

When It Comes To Animal Trapping, You Can Trust Our Team To Get The Job Done. The Process Is Simple:

  • Schedule an animal removal appointment with us at (517) 285-4596

  •  Our team will assess the situation and set up traps, if necessary

  • We will check traps and bait daily so you don't have to

  • When the animal is secured, we will quickly remove it from your property

If you have an unwelcome animal hanging out on your property, don't assume it will go away on its own. Get in touch today to ask about animal removal services.

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