The young ones will be removed and humanly relocated if possible.

The two yellow spots seen are Raccoons that had taken up residence in a home attic.

Can't find where the little guys are getting in? Trapper Jon has a 95% success rate.



For Home Invasion


Destruction of Private Property

We purchase new technology every year. This allows us to stay up to date with new and advanced methods of detecting and removing unwanted guests.


A call to  Trapper Man's Trapping & Nuisance Control wild animal removal. For Bat's, Bird's, Mole's and More. Will catch them all!

Just added FLIR heat sensing. This tool gives Trapper Jon the upper hand in knowing if an animal is taking up residence in your home.


This is one of our main concerns at Trapper Man' s Trapping and Nuisance Control.  We take care in  making sure the animal is as comfortable as possible. From capture until relocation, the animal will be well cared for.

Trying something new A Temporary Camera Systems. If you are not sure critters are truly in your hard to reach area. This system can monitor those areas like Attics, Crawl space, ext. From one to four cameras can be used.

Bat's or bird's  getting in? We can fix that.

Domestic and Ferrel cat removal. If you or your loved one needs help in removing Domestic or Ferrel  cat's from your home, Trapper Jon will help you with humanly removing them.

Caught an animal you don't want to deal with? Call Trapper Jon today for low cost removal!


As Bat season 2015 comes to and end . This home was infested with Bat's. I was able to remove 17 then cold weather set in. I will have to revisit this house in the spring. Also in the above pictures are some of the Bat's taken from this home. 

New Technology

We use the best  equipment, materials, & craftsmanship  available. You and your unwanted guest will get the best that Trapper Man's Trapping & Nuisance Control can provide.


You can count on Trapper Man's Trapping & Nuisance Control to safely and humanely remove unwanted residence from your home and property.

Animal Health & Welfare

Trapper Jon  can catch them two at a time.

Now Removing Honey Bee's Read more on the ABOUT tab at the top of the page.